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Is there ever such thing as to much 90’s?

Nothing but 90’s Music at 9 am, Would you like that?

SURE, who wouldn’t right? haha – we’re jumping back to the decade that delivered a wide variety of music, like grunge, boy bands, girl bands, eurodance and … normal dance!

The spice girls have never been happier to have a home!

The 90’s at 9 on 5YYY, the only place to get your morning serve of the 90’s!

Useless 90’s facts

Jennifer Aniston didn’t love her Friends haircut, the Rachel—in fact, she called it “the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen”
Napster launched in 1999, and within two years, it had 26.4 million users.
You may remember that choker necklaces made a comeback in the nineties. Throughout history they’ve had different implications, like during the French Revolution, some women wore red ribbons around their neck to pay tribute to those who had been executed. In the 1800s, it was a way to identify prostitutes.
Justin Timberlake’s

mum came up with the name *NSYNC, which was the last letter of each band member’s name. What?! Mind blown!