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Who and what is Melomania

Community radio program with a potential listening audience of 3.4 million throughout regional Australia (with more stations broadcasting the program each year).
The program has its own unique banter and interview format, which has lead to Melomania winning five prestige radio awards including Best Music Program and Best Interview in 2011 and 2012.
Interviewing well known  music artists and new comers every week, this radio program does not disappoint

Meet Our Team

HollieMelomania Host
Inspired by the likes of Adelaide’s Nova Fm Hollie got involved with local radio station 5tcb FM At the age of 15. It was there she got involved with Melomania, first behind the scenes, then filled in a couple of times as a co-host.

After successfully being voted 2nd favourite Melomaniac of the year in 2011 it seemed like the obvious choice for her to join the team more permanently in 2012 and be tortured on a weekly basis as the second half of Melomania.

Awards & Achievements
2016 – Most Downloaded PDS Show – Winner
2016 – Best Station Promotion, Sponsorship or Fundraising (Finalist)
2013 Best Interview (Peter Combe) – Finalist

ScadMelomania Host