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Meet the boys

Tune into Radio Takeover Monday nights from 7pm for the best music from the 70’s till today!

Ben and Ken just love to be interactive on facebook so say a hello to the boys there or request your favorite song on the old ring a ding ding! on 86451188.

About Ben & Ken

Ben is Ben, hes one part of Ben & Ken

Ken is Ken, Ken is the other part of Ben & Ken

Ben and Ken are Ben and Ken, they are Radio Takeover

What the boys do

Play Your Request’s 100
Take Pictures & Put Them On Facebook 100
Play Your Music On Monday 100
Oh They Do It All 100% At 100% Of The Time 100

Meet The Boys

BenOn Air Announcer
How to describe Ben… Hmm – i know He’s the biggest MJ fan in the world and he lives MUSIC
KenOn Air Announcer
Ken is basically THE MAN!