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Soft Rock, Easy Listning

Not everybody is addicted to heavy percussion and thunderous vocals. Much music from the 60s, 70s, 80s & later – originally classified as “Rock” and regarded as “Mainstream” Rock’n’Roll when first released – now sounds much softer in the current listening environment. We’ve become accustomed to superior sound technology (spun-off from the Heavy Metal search for volume), and yesterday’s “big noises” have mellowed with time. The result is a Soft-Rock sound which sits comfortably alongside the established Easy Listening genre so well-known to radio listeners. I like to call this combination SoREaL (SoftRockEasyListening). I’ve gathered a few dozen tracks into a couple of playlists, which I hope will illustrate the concept. There’s a remarkable amount of good-quality Australian music out there which fits perfectly – as well as stacks of international songs I’d like to play.

The smooth Man himself

CliffOn Air Announcer
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